IT's Your birthright to be healthy.

organic, plant-based, gluten and dairy-free




"After six weeks, I had effortlessly lost fourteen pounds. The process was utterly transformative.

I alternated between the daring and fearless cleanses each day, and allowed myself to eat something solid at night. I had been suffering from GERD related symptoms for years, anD the symptoms were cripplinG. i TOOK OVER THE COUNTER ANTACIDS ON A DAILY BASIS, and After a few days of cleansing, I went off of antacids for the first time in eight years." - ZAK VAN BUREN


"Magic Mix creates juice and food that I genuinely love, and that I know are good for me." - Andy


"AS A BUSY ENTREPRENEUR, I HAVE NO TIME TO COOK—and ordering Magic Mix allows me to get all the nutrients I need with no hassle. I Started with a three week cleanse, and felt huge improvements in my mood, had zero brain fog, and was so much more present for my personal relationships.  there was a huge improvement in my skin—and i ended up saving money because i stopped eating out as much—it's a WORTHWHILE investment in your health." - Diya SenGupta


"When it came time to family plan, I knew I needed to step up my diet and give my baby the best nutrients possible.

I went to Magic Mix at minimum once every week during my entire pregnancy and felt better than I ever had before. 

Fast forward to today and my 3 year old son is IN LOVE with Magic Mix! His favorites include many that he enjoyed in the womb, including the Cold Cure with Spirulina smoothie and Green Radiance juice. We also both enjoy the daily soups during the winter."     - Christina Kim 




" healthy and happy. Fresh, organic ingredients are combined to create made-from-scratch nutritious juices every day." Refinery 29