Celery Juice 5-Pack

Celery Juice 5-Pack


Pack of Five Cold-Pressed Celery Juices.

Best had plain and on an empty stomach. These juices aren’t HPP processed and expire within a week so that you can soak up all of the nutrient-rich magic.

According to the Medical Medium, celery juice benefits the body in these 10 ways:

1. Improves chronic acid reflux
2. Fights autoimmune diseases
3. Helps restore adrenals
4. Reverses illness
5. Neutralizes & flushes toxins out of the liver
6. Helps eradicate strep bacteria that are responsible for acne, UTIs, yeast infections and more.
7. Kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles viruses
8. Brings down toxic liver heat
9. Powerful weapon against SIBO & bloating
10. Repairs hydrochloric acid & liver bile production

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