What’s so magical about Magic Mix? We’re sharing it here.

Image via Magic Mix USA

Image via Magic Mix USA

In 2007, I was diagnosed with a skin pigmentation disorder known as ‘Melasma.’

I was living a crazed life full of processed foods, alcohol, late nights, and way too much work.

I was thin, but very unhealthy. I was deteriorating on the inside. There were so many toxic, bad fats inside of me, and not enough healthy ones. I had mood swings, serious fatigue, and mad late night cravings.

I never imagined that my diet could have anything to do with my mood, or my energy levels—and I certainly never thought that I would own a ‘juice bar’ or build that juice bar into a wellness lifestyle brand.

I come from the calorie counting era. I grew up surrounded by fitness fanatics who were all about counting calories, and not at all concerned with tracking nutrients. Something was just off about that restrictive approach.

Looking back, I knew something wasn’t adding up with the calorie counting style. My mother had a holistic approach to health when I was growing up. She always said that your happiness will play a major role in how your body handles dis-ease.

As I got older, I took those words for granted—but being diagnosed with melasma really put a ‘WARNING’ sign back on my radar.

I went to several doctors and dermatologists who wanted to treat me with harsh chemicals and pills.

They all agreed that I should never go out into the sun without major protection—and I was mortified, even depressed.  

Would I never be able to enjoy another beach vacation? Or allow my face to be kissed by the summer sun?

I felt like I was living in heartache, hiding behind my skin—until I ran into an old friend who previously had severe psoriasis.  

His condition had completely healed.

It was like magic.

No more scaly, itchy hands. No more rashes. No more pain. Why? How?

He stopped eating wheat, dairy, eggs, and ALL processed foods.

He warned me, “There’s no easy way of doing this, and you have to stick with it for at least six months.”

I was desperate, and even though I thought it was a long shot, I was intrigued.

I took his advice—and the biggest side affect was an increase in my intuition. I started listening to my instincts again, and started breaking up with my toxic lifestyle habits.

I quit my stressful job. I got a dog, who I named Jimi Hendrix. I took Hendrix for long walks in Central Park, and I started studying the ways in which our bodies heal themselves naturally.

I invested in a Norwalk juicer, and did a full three-week juice cleanse.

Not only did my skin start glowing and my pigmentation start fading, but I also had more energy than I’d ever had in my entire life. I was clear headed and happier than ever before.

I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach—and I can say today that I’m a firm believer that it’s not just food that feeds us, but also our surroundings, our family, our friends, our hobbies, and our beliefs.

Your body reboots itself when you do a cold-pressed juice cleanse because it’s being flushed with micronutrients. Your cells start waking up. You feel clear headed, happier, more motivated, and you actually have the energy to act on that motivation to tackle goals like you’ve never tackled them before—and that’s exactly what happened to me.

I continued my plant based diet, and within six months my skin completely cleared up. It was magic: the food, the lifestyle changes, the energy.

I knew my next steps were to share my ‘magic mix’ with others to see and feel the benefits.

My product worked. My friends were demanding it, their friends were demanding it—and everyone was benefitting from it.

Flashing back to my childhood, I can just see my mother adding a drop of olive oil to our homemade carrot, apple, and ginger juice (fun fact: your body actually absorbs nutrients better with oil).

It’s no surprise that her healing trickled down to me, and in homage to her I have created our ‘Root Awake’ cold-pressed juice to mimic her special recipe.

It’s my way of nodding to her to say thank you for teaching me about my health, and thank you for being there for me on this health-fueled journey, even when I had lost my way.

Even though it wasn’t the most pleasant path to get to where I am today, I am forever grateful for everything I’ve learned because now I can share it with you.

My mission is to give others the choice to add in good fuel for your body to naturally crowd out the bad toxins so that inflammation and disease can be prevented before any deterioration can happen.

I’ve been on both sides, and I am truly here to help you on your path to health.

Reach out to me anytime to learn about my personal coaching programs by emailing hello@magicmix.us, and join in on my health journey on Instagram, @jillarsen_magicmix.

Stay Magical, 

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