How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while you travel is no easy feat.

If there is one thing I have learned from the past three years with my husband it is that staying healthy while traveling is a bitch. It’s one of the biggest challenges he faces while on the road and the man travels A LOT. I’m lucky that I get to tag along to some pretty cool spots, however, I also started noticing that healthy options at airports or some remote places is hard to come by. As if trying to source healthy options isn’t hard enough all of a sudden I am also surrounded by ALL THE THINGS that we don’t necessary have in our house which in turn let me feast on more than my poor tummy could tolerate.

I kept thinking to myself, how can I stay healthy while I travel? How can I still enjoy everything and try all the authentic foods while still staying true to my plants. Then it clicked, maintaining my level of health has nothing to do with all the ‘I should/shouldn’t eats’ but EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HOW THE FOOD MAKES ME FEEL.

Will this food make me feel good? Most of the time when I look at a chocolate croissant my body says no, but then there are occasional times where it says, “Yes! Go for it!”

Tuning into your body and listening to what it wants is easier than it sounds and it makes a world of difference.

Whether you are heading home to see family or headed to a tropical island, these tips will empower you to eat well wherever you are this holiday season:

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1. Pack your own snacks

This can be a huge lifesaver while you are traveling. We all get hungry, and we all get hangry. Packing your own snacks means you get to avoid nasty airport food and crappy salty nuts from gas stations. Phew.

I recommend you pack kale chips, granola, or anything from the Magic Market. Plop it in your luggage or handbag and thank me later ;).



2. Look for the healthy options

In Doha, our hotel had the most delicious juices—so naturally I soaked in as much of it as I could. It helped me enjoy my food options more, kept my energy levels high, and made me feel like I was having something special without having to deprive myself.  


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3. Ask for substitutions and order sides

When eating out, it’s important to realize that there are options that lie beyond the menu so try being creative and do something different. This might be ditching meat for veggies, or simply asking for cheese to not be added on top of your dish.



4. Let your family or host know ahead of time that you have dietary restrictions

Communicating your dietary restrictions prior to the trip is thoughtful. It helps people prep and understand that you are are not being rude by not participating in certain meal option. This way your host also won’t feel bad for not being able to accommodate.

I hope these LITTLE tips AND TRICKS serve you well during your holiday TRAVEL. If you are in New York City, Magic Mix and Go Basic are having a holiday party on December 18th from 6:00 - 10:00 PM at 102 Fulton Street! RSVP to Can’t wait to see you there!


Stay Magical,

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