Our Story


JIL LARSEN, Founder & Chief Squeeze


Nourishing transformation began as my personal healing journey. We've expanded into a whole lifestyle to support our clients, to help them thrive.



Magic Mix was born out of my desire to make healthy living effortless and accessible for people with busy lifestyles.

What started with a personal quest for healing has now been transformed into empowering others to make bio-Individual choices that fit their lifestyle without deprivation, or hunger.

A decade ago, when I was diagnosed with a skin condition called melasma, I refused to accept chemical creams, skin discoloration and avoiding sunshine as a treatment and instead changed what I put on my plate. I quit my job in the corporate world, made peace with my past and started detoxifying my body and my life from a host of unhealthy habits. I bought a Norwalk Machine and

began juicing like there was no tomorrow. I quickly realized though that the time and energy it took to prep, juice and cleanup was a daunting exercise in willpower, and determination; however the results were ‘magical.’

After only 3 months of juicing, and eating an organic plant-based diet my melasma started to dissipate. The whites of my eyes became clearer, and my stamina and sleep improved exponentially. I was ecstatic with the results, but knew that this sort of rigorous dedication was not something that I would be able to maintain long term.

Magic Mix was born out of my desire to make healthy living effortless, and accessible for anyone in search of a healthier life and to find a solution to the problem of long term maintenance that would also fit a busy lifestyle.


Jil is a certified health coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and has an AADP certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.